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I attended Asbury College in Wilmore KY until December 2002. My degree was in media communications and my emphasis in multimedia. Although I received a foundation in multimedia Web and CD-ROM, I also received experience in audio recording, and various broadcast and field video production. I have definitely developed a passion for video production, but only recently discovered a greater passion for interactive media. Whether in programing, animation, or static graphics you must design an experience for your user. I've come to enjoy the final product, but even more I take great joy in the hammer and nail process leading to that user experience.

As of June 2004 I completed my Masters in New Media at the University of Syracuse. Most people that I interact with hear the term "New Media" and have no clue how it has already been assimilated into their daily lives. New Media is nothing more than taking tradition media like newspapers and television and reconstructing them into new technology, new business models, and a new means of expression. The newspaper hasn't changed it's format in 80 years! and yet readership has been on the decline for the last 30. Though not limited to it, New Media tends to be summed up in Internet technologies. This includes instant messaging, email, ecommerce, customer services, virtual business relationships, digital products, wireless communication, worldwide radio and video broadcasting, Voice Over IP and more. When I was introduced to this industry I realized its potential for growth and my potential for creative development.

Since December 2005 I have been employed as the Web & Application developer for the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20. Working there to advance their internal database systems and information architectures through custom web-based applications. It has offered a positive environment for professional growth as a progammer, information architect, and database administrator.

In a more general sense I love to create. Whether it is a duct tape wallet, PVC flute, clay animation videos, or something a little more productive like a web site I love it all. Perhaps that is why the media field interests me the most. It supplies me with the most opportunities to create. Its awesome to build and shape, but even more its fun to create something that hasn't been seen before.

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