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ATS, Inc. - Advanced Technology Solutions

Technology involved: ASP, Microsoft Access, Flash MX and XML, Adobe Photoshop.

Description: This site was created with ASP. As a result, through a user-friendly administrative backend this client has control over the content of their website. This client can add new products, news articles, featured items, etc. in seconds without dealing with a single line of code.

The animated logo found on the home page was created with Flash MX.

Concept: The emphasis of this site was to both give the client a fresh look, and more importantly to create a site that ATS could have full control over. Their previous site was completely consumed with graphics. Any additions to the site was restricted by the existing design.

Please Note: The development and design of this site has since been released to the client. Additions to the site might have occured which do not represent the views and abilities of myself as a designer and information architect.

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