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focsl.org Fellowship of Churches Softball League

Description: This project was first envisioned by Chris Severn of SevernDigital. While this was an equal partnership Chris was largely in charge of setting and refining the project vision, and acted as the liason with the FOCSL organization. It was my responsibility to turn Chris' vision into a functioning product.

This is the beta version of a soon to come sports league web application. The idea is to give community sports leagues a personalized dynamic web application where game schedules, scores, team data and much more is managed through a back-end interface. It is simply a means for leagues to publish their sports records for public display. The idea was not to create a single website for a single league but to create an application for scalable distribution.

Before next spring we plan to finalize this product and begin distributing this application as an individual product or service. Nothing presently on the market offers the functionality this application offers. In addition these competitors are pushing high prices aside their limited service. We hope to offer a new market alternative for community league websites. June-August 2005 was our first stage of testing with this local church softball league.

To request information for your own league website please contact contact@jasonrlee.com

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