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hola1600.com Hola Radio

Description: Having first worked with Hola Radio back in 2006, Jasonrlee.com was brought back to do a completely new take on the Hola Radio website. Working with Matthew Bracilli, manager of Hola Radio, Jasonrlee.com crafted a new content management system with a large number of advanced features founded in the latest .NET architecture. Matthew Bracilli produced the graphical vision while Jasonrlee.com produced the core management system whereby Hola1600.com could have the power to keep the site fresh graphically and textually while shifting with the station's changing marketing visions.

This site keeps dynamic track of which DJs and programs are currently live. It provides new and highly scaleable marketing possibilities with rotating banners and maximum use of advertising real estate. New interactive methods of communication include weekly polls, Online Hola Radio listening, VIP listener registration, chat capability with the current LIVE DJ, a DJ blog, and full featured blog commenting system. Listeners can interact with the site now more than ever before!

A sweet new photo gallery using open source lightbox technology allows for a great gallery experience.

Hola1600.com is built on a customized version of the hugely popular .Net blogging system known as Blogengine.net -a stable and versatile library of capabilities typically used for powerful blogging now stripped down and re-appropriated for this high end content management website. Designed in a way to be highly scaleable for this radio station this site provides Hola1600.com with the tools to be a highly featured and incredibly looking website for the Hispanic community.

Other features include:

  • Custom Website search
  • Blog scale-ability
  • Chat capability and moderating with Chatango
  • Multiple slideshow advertising banners
  • Fully customizable poll system integration with PollDaddy
  • Elegant Album Interface.
  • Advanced CSS scrolling effects.
  • Huge website control pannel to manage all pages, radio programs, schedules, top ten list, blogs, advertising spots, and so much more!!
Even more this project was a success in bringing about a non-existent Google Search Ranking up to a #1!!

Please Note: The development of this site has been released to the client. Additions to the site might have occured which do not represent the views and abilities of myself as a developer.

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