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What About You?

How does JasonRLee.com stick out as a provider of web development needs?

    JasonRLee.com comes into a project first assessing the needs of a client and then works to determine what plan will be most effective. While JasonRLee.com understands that aesthetics in a website is valuable to all of our clients, a successful website is first founded in information architecture and concise planning. It's hard enough to keep your customers or patrons engaged while at your site, and even harder to get them to return.

    Through ongoing dialogue, concise planning, and setting specific goals JasonRLee.com will work to make your site a pleasant experience for each user. When users quickly and easily find the information they are looking for -THAT is the basis for a powerful website!!

What specifically can you offer me?

    Consider a Content Management Website specifically fitted to your needs. From the time your site goes live YOU are in control of the most important and continuously changing aspects of your site. Without any web development education YOU can keep your site fresh. At the most basic level JasonRLee.com will create a password protected interface where you can add, edit, and delete news items from your site. The interface will be user-friendly and require no advanced education on your part. News items can even be set to automatically appear and disappear according to posted and expiration dates that you set.

      For more complicated sites you can control:

      • Homepage Content
      • News Articles
      • Events Calendars
      • Product Lists
      • Image Galleries
      • Contact Information
      • Text and Images on specific pages

      and so much more!!

    What about a great Design?

      JasonRLee.com has a working policy where we seek to provide you with the best design work until you are satisfied. While information architecture is vital to the success of a site, we understand that you have an image to uphold. To make sure that we can supply you with a quality design JasonRLee.com will keep an open dialogue regarding design elements. Through continuous conversation and criticism JasonRLee.com will make sure the branding of your site meets your needs.

    I'm looking for Flash elements in my site.

      You are coming to the right place. Flash is a powerful web tool which can appropriately raise your site up a notch. The expertise JasonRLee.com brings into a Flash project will supply you with any type of Flash needs including Ecommerce Applications, Interactive Environments, Gaming Capability and Animation elements. You can see a limited number of Flash portfolio pieces in the Projects area. Unfortunately some of JasonRLee.com's more powerful examples are unavailable for public use. Please consider contacting JasonRLee.com if you have any questions about Flash needs.

    Do you offer anything else?

      If you have an idea for a new web application and need an experienced programmer to build from the ground up, JasonRLee.com is capable of meeting your diverse needs. Or if you simply want to add functionality to your existing site such as shopping carts, customer forms, etc. we can help.

      JasonRLee.com is continually working with a variety of media partners. If you have additional needs in the area of video, CD-ROM development or print JasonRLee.com will be happy to assist you.

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