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Fresh Site to Demonstrate Powerful Skills
March 30, 2005

In seeing professional growth in a variety of web development skills, it was time to revive the JasonRLee.com site to become more than a standard portfolio. JasonRLee.com has been working to offer fresh and powerful skills for professional and consumer clients.

JasonRLee.com skills include options for not just one but a variety of Server-Side Script Languages. These include Macromedia Coldfusion for efficiency, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) for larger corporate projects, and PHP for dynamic capabilities at a low cost.

In addition JasonRLee.com has attained expertise in the area of Flash Multimedia, making possible a variety of Ecommerce Applications, Interactive Sites, Gaming Capability and Animated Experiences.

Also in development JasonRLee.com is working to provide affordable sports applications for Sports League Organizations. JasonRLee.com is excited about the potential in this project. Presently undergoing final testing this application will be marketed in mid-summer.

A lot has happened in the last year and JasonRLee.com is expecting the new aesthetics of this site to be the first step towards providing clients with even more powerful and engaging web media.

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