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Changing Focus for your Benefit
May 30, 2008

Having spent the last 2 years in full time employment little time has been available for the pursuit of additional client projects. My greatest apologies for those looking for web site service who I could not provide for in recent months. If I cannot provide a focused and high quality service for my clients I will push clients towards other development providers. I refuse to squeeze clients into time that I do not have and thereby delay the development cycle and decrease the quality of my services.

But with time dedicated to fulltime employment comes new offerings for my clients. The last two years have been a prime time for mastering ASP.NET development services alongside powerful SQL Server database architectures to suit your every web application need. Fully capable of developing the latest in advanced ASP.NET 2.0 applications alongside AJAX.NET elegance, jasonrlee.com can offer you the truly powerful and user friendly web application technologies. With the same high quality standards founded in information architecture principles it continue to be the hope of jasonrlee.com to offer the latest, most effective, highly customized, and most powerful websites for your business needs.

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