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Leveraging Open Source Capabilities to Bring you More in Less Time
January 15, 2010

Having been developing custom content management systems using a variety of technologies JasonRLee.com has ventured into new avenues of growth. Now instead JasonRLee.com is making the most of existing open source .Net solutions to bring you more for your money. JasonRlee.com still provides the same custom website creations to match your needs but now with a bigger engine inside.

Having developed most applications in VB.NET for the last half decade JasonRLee.com is venturing in the direction of C# solutions -same .NET power but a bigger open source support base. Existing projects like BlogEngine.net can now be broken down, and be built back up and customized to fit your specific needs in less time, but with more powerful functions. This is evident in JasonRLee.com's most recent re-make of the Hola Radio station website. It's a C# powered rock solid custom site loaded with features and scalability.

We continue to grow to sustain your website presence with the latest custom website technologies. We make you look good with the easiest of tools.

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