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Created 2/05

Allentown Window Pros

The second web site re-facing in this window/patio/sunroom client series.

Created 2/05

Sunroom Pros

A project involving the creation of a fresh face for an established Sunroom-Patio Room business.

Created 1/05

Arc of Onondaga Country

A project long in development providing this Syracuse NY organization with a large site supported by a content management interface.

Created 11/04


This business venture focuses on the sale and weekly delivery of grocery products to the Syracuse Univ. campus. Brought in as a supporting consultant and programmer I worked to build a variety of back-end administrative pages for the site before going live in October 2004.

Created 10/04

Advanced Life Management Solutions

This is a foundational information site for this client's startup business.

Created 8/04

Advance Technology Solutions, Inc.

Working strictly as a contractor with ATS, Inc. I was asked to rebuild their site. More importantly they wanted a site that they could continually update on their own. That is what they got.

Created 3/04

Portfolio preview

I am presently working on a Flash portfolio for web or CD distribution. Here is a very brief peak at the beginnings of an animated introduction. Look back for updates.

Created 2/03

Identity Branding

I volunteered to help with the identity branding of a new business called Penn Project Services. Here you can see intial brainstorming and development of a logo.

Stage 1: Logo Sketches
Stage 2: Color Logos

Created 2/04

Dynamic Navigation Bar

This animated navigation bar was created in Flash MX and is completely dynamic. Many of the design characteristics are easily changed and implimented for any website design.

Created 12/03

Dynamic web banner

Manipulating the text document can change the colors, text, pictures, and URL links. This banner could be manipulated and distributed, creating hundreds of unique banners.

Created 10/03-12/03

Booker T. Washington Community Center

This site was a collaborative effort of 11 New Media students in Syracuse University to give this community center in Auburn, NY a website pressence. I worked with another student to create the dynamic aspects of this site. Using Coldfusion MX we created a user-friendly back-end where community center administrators could update news, event, and staff information easily and effectively. Without an education in web technology this the community center can control it's own website.

Created 11/16

Flash Photo Gallery

This is a creative take on traditional photo galleries and slideshows. Thumbnails are previewed and selectable on a spinning wheel.

Created 10/03 - Updated 11/02

Kid Builder v1.2 is my first Flash MX project designed specifically for the Booker T. Washington Community Center website seen in this projects page.

Version 1.2 - This version offers a more complete game than its previous debut. All of the items are now selectable and will return feedback when the wrong item is chosen. This version also includes an improved title screen and a short "Instructions" feature. Future versions may or may not include additional sound effects due to a concern for file size. Future versions also may or may not be available on your Playstation 2 systems. You know you want it!

(There's also an easter egg.)

Being that I want to atract people to this "incredible" creation I thought I would make use of this annoying banner. Does it work?

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